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Painting in separate pieces

She has a long way in front but she works well, and works a lot. it shows that she is aware of the right path; the way belonging to all of those who search for some meaning in themselves and a way to share it with others, and share everything they have with everyone.
Pantea Cyrus came to my classes, while she was a little girl - as she still is — to learn painting, and she did. But it sounds as if that was not enough for her. She attended the classes of several other masters and learnt different styles from them. When she showed me her recent works, I realized that she has found, or is close to find her own style. it was clear that she had struggled a lot to paint in her own way, and it had happened.
Pantea Cyrus's watercolor paintings are done in large sizes and are usually easy. simple, bold and fluent, She is inspired by nature and the resulting natural brightness and light is drawn into her works. it had been a reason for different people, with varied testes, to like her paintings.
Sometimes she works in separate pieces that look consistent and at the same time detached when put together.
When she has an exhibition —and there are a lot of them these days — I try to go and see her works; to see what has changed in them and how signs of her exploration are emerging in her paintings, and whether they come into sight at all.
I am hopeful about her work and her generation, and I know that a lot of them, like Pantea Cyrus are searching their souls, to come up with new ideas, and make up their new definitions and opinions towards the world.
I am looking ahead and will keep waiting.
Aydin Aghdashloo — 2006
E-Science, Architecture & Construction — Summer 2006 — No. 10

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