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what you get from pantea`s paintings is a sense of some kind of association with the nature. although she does not focus on any single subject, it is the nature itself that catches your eyes. you can see the wind and the snow and the trees in her paintings but symbolic ones, the color of a tree for example is not an standard color, nor is almost anything else in that sense, but you will no doubt feel the nature behind these paintings.
she says: "I would like to use cold colors, water and deferent tones of gray colors, these are more meaningful, sensational and deep, and I prefer to transfer my sensation rather than any logic. it is you who has to think about the art pieces, and that is why there is no title for any of my paintings, I don`t want to lead the viewer`s minds to any direction"
normally watercolor pieces cannot be worked in big proportions, and this is due to the fact that color runs in the paper when it is mixed with water and is harder to control in bigger pieces, and that is why the big size of 100 in 70 centimeters is one of the things that shows you a difference in Pantea`s works.
about this subject she has this to say : "small pieces cannot describe my internal sensation, it is essential for any artist to be able to create an internal connection with his/her own art pieces. First I fix the big paper on a big piece of wood and that is when I start my work. I would like to use big paintbrushes and make big moves with my hands on the paper, I won't enjoy it if I were only to use my fingers for this, I rather to be able to move my whole arm around to create the art piece ".