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Interview With Pantea Cyrus . Hamshahri Newspaper

You need to see the paintings from at least 2 - 3 meters distance and you shall not get too close since the colors and textures will not seem as it should if you get close. l am talking about the paintings of Ms. Pantea Cyrus; in a glance you will find 36 watercolor art pieces which will totally change all of your thoughts about the water color painting. These paintings are placed in Gallery No. 2 in Niavaran cultural Center.
Why they will change your thoughts? Watercolor painting cannot be worked in big pieces and papers which is due to color flowing and their mixture with water. You will normally find water color master pieces in postal or a bit bigger sizes, but the big size of 100 x 70cm is what shows you the big difference in Pantea`s art works.
She was born in March 1974 and has a degree from university as an engineer in industrial design form Free University of Tehran, she is painting over 15 years by now and was a student of Master Aghdashloo for five years.

Q: why your pieces are that big? Is it possible to make such a big water color art pieces?

A: small pieces cannot describe my internal sensations, it is essential for any artist to be able to create an internal connection with his/her own art pieces. First I fix the big papers on a big piece of wood and that is when I start my work. I would like to use big paintbrushes and make big moves with my hand on the paper. I Do not enjoy it if I only use my fingers, I would rather to have my whole arm moving around to create the art piece.
The sense you will get from her art pieces, will give you some sort of connection with the nature, but it is not pointing out any special description from any single item but it’s the nature itself which catches your eyes. You can also see wind and snow in her works, a tree is a symbolic one and colors are not the standard ones and those which you used to see.
She says: I'd like to use cold colors, water and different tones of gray colors, these are more meaningful, sensational and deep, I would prefer to transfer my sensations rather than any logic. It’s you who has to think about the art pieces which is why there is no title on any of my pieces since I do not want to lead the viewer`s mind to any direction.
Although as per Pantea each piece took few hours to get created, but the attraction is so much that will make any normal visitor or any professional painter to admire the job. It has been confirmed by different painters who visited her exhibition that such art works with these sizes shows her boldness and all admired her for the same reason.
She says that the number of visitors from the same location were so encouraging in a way that she could not believe. She loves the nature her masterpieces are only copies of her own thoughts.

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