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Interview With Pantea Cyrus . Etemad Newspaper

She takes the paper to the bathroom and washes it up with water and then takes it out and fixes it on a piece of wood with steel fixture till it gets dry again. Then her figures and paintbrush put the pink, green, blue and gray colors on and..... She says: This is a technique for professional painters, they wash the paper first and then .....
She is an engineer in industrial design and it’s about 16 years since she started painting, till now she had two solo exhibition and also taken part in more than 10 other exhibitions as a member of group in and outside Iran. The latter is a solo exhibition which has been put together by 16 water color master piece and has been shown in Passargad art gallery.
The entire art pieces are in very big sizes and the subjects are mostly about the nature but it`s a nature" which has been designed and came out of the artist mind, you will find the calm life in those, some are showing the flowers and some have been drawn from different seasons.
Once you take a walk in her exhibition, you can imagine that you are lost in big amounts of cloud and fog, colors can be seen in some places and in other you can`t find them, and in some of the art pieces you will see empty spaces which will take you in to your own thoughts for few seconds.
Pantea says: I have a figurative style, base of my art work is the nature but the nature which is in my mind and not the one everyone sees, once the sketches come to my mind I immediately put them on a paper or if I am in a restaurant, I put them on a piece of tissue, but once I start the job in my room, the paintbrush leads me itself.

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