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A Talk with Pantea Cyrus, Watercolor painter
"A Piecemeal nature with an eastern sense"

"Shirin" art gallery on Fana Khosrow Street which has recently held a group exhibition of 72 is now showing art works of "Pantea Cyrus".
Pantea is an Industrial design graduate from the University of Art and architecture. She had learned how to paint from Aydin Aghdashloo and Jalaledin Khorraminejad before she gradually finds herself a personal method. The Following is an interview with her by the reporter of Shahr.

Q: Tell us about your method in painting.
it's a personal one. Although my thoughts and ideas are now known, I can say that my paintings are emotional, real and expressionist.
The theme is, however, eastern and Japanese. |it's not intentional thought. I‘ve never been to Japan so far but I don`t know how my work is that much influenced by Japanese theme.

Q: As it can clearly be seen in your work, you are keen of nature. When did First nature come to your art'?
I've been going hiking with my father since I was a child.
I have always been interested in watching nature from top of a mountain. I believe there‘s a challenge between the nature and human being. One can conquer the other from time to time and I have loved this challenge since childhood.
When I started painting classes I had to paint from the models, then when I left classes I started to paint what I saw in nature.
I still have connections with my masters; they now criticize my art works when needed.

Q: Why did an industrial designer go into paintings? Is that because there were no suitable jobs for you in your main major?
I started painting before going to university. I was in Aghdashloo`s class for five years. So I had found myself as a professional painter. Before choosing my major, I had been told not to study painting at university as long as it wouldn't be useful to me so I decide to study industrial design. Additionally I should say that all art majors need creativity and I had the opportunity to use painting while I was studying.

Q: How has industrial design influenced your art'?
Very much. Since my paintings are "Art Deco", they're used for decorations. Industrial design taught me how to think big and paint for big spaces. However, I should insist that in "Art Deco", art proceeds decoration therefore art is meant first.

Q: Why are your paintings in different pieces? Has anyone else ever had such a method'?
Water color sheets are at most available in 100X70 cm, which are rarely found in the market so I have to paint in more than one piece. There have been some art works painted in oil color, Acrylic or in different pieces but there has never been one in water color.

Q: How do you evaluate art in Iran'?
I believe, it is going to improve. Art works have recently sold with high prices. So people now notice art more than ever even if they really don’t have enough knowledge of art. They mostly match the paintings with their furniture but I'm hoping they do this with the help of interior designers. An art piece has got an energetic character which can captivate you and make the audience respect it.
Anyone who buys an art work should be at least aware of the form and method. And this fact leads people to increase their knowledge of art.

Q: How do different audiences react to your art'?
I hold some of my exhibitions at home since %80 of my costumers buy more than one art piece.
Decorators are more interested in my work so long as they are courageous enough to buy large pieces.

* There had been more exhibitions of "Pantea Cyrus" in Golestan Gallery, Baran Gallery, Art expo, Vahdat Hall, Niavaran Cultural Center, Pasargad Gallery and some exhibitions in Sidney, Australia and Italy. The last exhibition was in Shirin Gallery from 13th of Ordibehesht to 25th 1387.

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